A safe, spiritual, missional, community
following the way of Jesus
for the common good.

Meet Ken Shuman

After twenty years of ministry in traditional  churches and after earning two masters degrees and a doctorate I'm now learning to make the shift from the modern world to the post-modern world. In my personal journey it's as if God turned me over and dumped everything out.  I'm a student again and the learning curve has been straight up.  I've evaluated almost all of my beliefs and many have changed.  Rather than being a "map reader" i'm now a "map maker".  I have the privilege of journeying with a group of people who are spiritual but not too religious.  I am enjoying "the unforced rhythms of grace." I am both passionate and fervant in my faith while at the same time i'm a questioner, learner, and doubter.  I'm seeking to follow the way of Jesus and I'm striving to align my life with God's dream for the world.  I love to coach people to become whole in every area of their lives.  I also love to play "Texas Hold'Em" poker.  I have many questions and am learning to embrace the mystery of God and the uncertainty of my own opinions.
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